How do I pay my subs or activities?

Fees Structure:

Paparangi Scout Group, like all other groups, incurs various costs. These known costs are paid for in three installments over the year.

The first cost incurred is from Scouting New Zealand; which imposes a levy per child that every scout group must collect and on-pay. This levy goes towards the running and promotion of Scouting in New Zealand. This levy rate changes annually and is currently set at $95.00 per child, per year.

Secondly, as a group we incur various running costs which must be met. The key costs incurred are Insurance, Power, Phone, Badges, and Maintenance.

We collect this through a term fee which is currently set at $40 per term per child ($30 for Keas)

Parents are invoiced in Term One for the full amount of the levy and term fees. Payment is then required to be made in 3 instalments.

The first instalment of $95 due by the end of Term One
The second instalment of $80.00 (Keas:$60) due by the end of Term Two
The third instalment of $80.00 (Keas:$60) due by the end of Term Three

If you wish, and many parents take advantage of this, you may pay the full amount for the year immediately upon being invoiced.

If your child is joining during the year the amounts payable are reduced (to reflect the portion of the year you have not participated). Roughly, for each full term not attended reduce the above costs by 25%. (eg, if your child joins towards the end of term two, they would be invoiced $47.50 for the levy, and $80 for two terms subscription, both payable by the end of term three).

After you join you will receive an email advising of the actual pro-rata costs payable, and the due dates for payment.


Fundraising is undertaken from time to time to cover major costs and expenses faced by the Group. We ask that parents are active in this as it reduces the amount of the term subscription you would otherwise have to pay. For fundraising we ask that parents seek these funds from work colleagues and friends, as a small amount from a lot of people is far easier on the wallet than a lot from a few. We do where possible apply for grants.

Scout shirt.

There is an additional one-off cost that is incurred being the purchase of a scout shirt. This is currently $45 and payable upon your child being invested.

This shirt has all the badges earned by your child sewn onto it. Badges are presented at the end of each term.

Activity costs.

During the year your child will participate in many activities, most of which will incur some cost to pay for materials used, entry costs, food, or transport costs.

These costs will be advised prior to each activity at the time you are provided with an Activity Intention Form. As a guide, a weekend camp/tramp costs around $30 – $35 dollars.

Scouting New Zealand has done a cost comparison against other extra-curricular activities and found that scouting is one of, if not the, most economical on a weekly basis.

They compared typical scouting costs against activities such as swimming, and gymnastics. To attend Paparangi Scout Group the weekly cost is currently less than $6.30 per week, plus any activities (such as camps/tramps) undertaken.


How do I pay for fees and activities?

The troop payment prefer by internet banking as much easier to track and we can take cash or cheque.

If you intend to pay by internet banking it is really important you provides details in the Particulars and reference areas of the payment detail.

If you need to talk to someone about payments please contact the Troop Treasurer or a leader or use our contact form.