Paparangi Scout Group in Paparangi offers Keas, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers the opportunity to gain skills, confidence, make friends and have fun while learning about their wider community.

We actively participate in many activities including helping out with tree planting and learning about emergency services, as well as earning badges which may eventually lead to our Youth gaining Chief Scout and Queen Scout awards.

We are committed to helping Youth develop social skills through games, Group night activities and participating in camps and adventures, which offer opportunities for Youth to become resilient, exercise and socialize.


A group of Keas, ages 5 to 8, learn how to care for a dog. They are stroking the dog's head.

Keas is the starting point of your scouting career, where the younger members begin to interact through indoor and outdoor activities.


Three Cubs, aged 8 to 11, have built from branches and rope, a way to carry another Cub who is sitting on top of the branches.

Cubs are the next stage in a Scouts life with more focus on outdoor activity and achievement of badges through the award scheme.



A group of Scouts, ages 11 to 14, are posing within a large iron wheel. They are smiling and happy.

Our Scout troop have an active annual schedule with lots of outdoor trips into bush, camping, climbing and survival courses.



Venturers, being a groups of four youth and three adults, are posing in a group on a mountain top.

Venturers have fun, explore new things, make friends, experiment, accept responsibility, and lead an adventurous Venturer life.